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I know where I’m from, who I am, and where I’m going. 


I’ve come to such self-knowledge by way of initiation in the Sophian Lineage of Tau Malachi. Before meeting him in 1996, I felt, like so many queer people without a safe place, that there was so much more behind the words of scripture than patriarchy allowed. Being received as a disciple of Tau Malachi and his oral tradition of Christian Kabbalah, I encountered direct, experiential knowledge of God, whose Spirit breathed another bible of greater depth, sophistication, and subtlety without changing a word.


Tau Malachi ordained me as an Elder and lineage holder in 2006. I’ve since desired to make the teachings and practices of the Sophian Tradition accessible to many in a dynamic, creative outreach. My experiences facilitating ceremony, initiation, meditation, mentoring, retreat, and teaching with people continue to humble me. The wealth of who we are in God is here for us to express.


I’m committed to the light within everyone and how this shines.


"Equal Arms," Morning Star Spiritual Community

Message for Morning Star Spiritual Community

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Meet Tau Malachi and our international community

Essay Series 

Public Talks

Thursday Night Meditation Series. Zoom. Winter 2020-present

Sunday Discourse Series with Tau Malachi and Elder Sarah. Zoom. Fall, 2020-present

Hokmah Sophia: Wisdom of God. Café Dantorel, Sacramento, August-December, 2019

Gospel of St. Thomas. Sierra 2, Sacramento, CA, Fall, 2017

Three Day Group Retreat. Austin, TX, October 2014

Gospel of St. Philip. Auburn Alchemy, Auburn, CA, Fall, 2014

Archangels of the Kabbalah. Skype, Winter-Summer, 2010

Hebrew Alef-Bet. Skype, Winter-Summer, 2009

Gnostic Solar Feasts. Unitarian Universalist Society, August-March, Sacramento, 2006

Nonprofit work

Board Secretary, January 2018-present.

Established Ecclesia Pistis Sophia 501(c)3 in California, June 2020


Ordained Sophian Elder, 2006

Board Secretary of Ecclesia Pistis Sophia 2018-present

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